Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mount Saint Helens

During the 4th weekend holiday we took a day trip up to see Mount Saint Helens

The start of our trip at Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center.

Inside the boys got to see what it would be like inside a volcano and how lava flows.

On the walls is the layers of earth.

Just outside and looking towards Mount St. Helens, you can see it in the background. Still a little overcast but we had a great day with plenty of sunshine.

At Hoffstade Bluffs we stopped for a picnic lunch and the boys got to hike a little bit. They have helicopter rides so we got to see it take off and land.

Looking down into the vally.

Christopher looking at the helicopter.

Spirit Lake

The little island/hill in the middle of the lake is a piece of earth that was thrown during the eruption.

Johnston Ridge Observatory that is being redone. Supposed to open again within the next few years.

Inside the blast zone. almost 30 years later you can still see the trees that were blown and scattered like twigs.

The final stop at the Monument

Were amazed that they were so close to a volcano.

The dome is starting to rise again.
Driving down.
At the learning center everyone wanted a turn on the helicopter.

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  1. So much fun! I remember going to see Mt. St. Helens for my 11th birthday. We had gone to Seattle to visit an aunt, and my parents took us sight seeing. Anyways, I remember seeing it (this was back in 1992) and 12 years later it was still so bleak. It was really cool looking at your pictures. Your boys are lucky to get to do so much fun stuff!